I would post some of the most common question that I usually receive about my site along with the answer. Hope this will somehow answer your thought.  – Kelvin Ah Kian

Q : Is all your picture are taken in Black and White?

A : No, I take color picture as well depends on what I would like to achieve on its final finishing. Some of my favorite are in Color but for my personal project, they were taken in Black and White. 🙂

Q : What camera do you use for all the picture in your flickr?

A : Currently I only have one camera and lens, which is the Nikon D60 and the kit lens, an Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5 – f/5.6. (as of 2013, I owned a Sony a900 with 50mm lens)

Q : I would love to buy a print of this particular picture, but could have it in A4 size with frame?

A : Yes, but most of it would take at least 1- 2 weeks to prepare the picture and frame. You could also choose the type of paper use and also the frame design, just let me know earlier so we could arrange it on time before sending it to you.

Q : Do you take wedding picture?

A : No, my equipment is unsuitable for a fast paced events like wedding plus I don’t have the necessary equipment and even a wedding portfolio to begin with.

Q : Where are you from and could you take a picture somewhere around Europe?

A : I am from Malaysia and based at FT Labuan. I am not a full time photographer and I don’t plan be a professional either, that is until I found the right time to do so. But I would like to visit Berlin and Vienna someday. 🙂

Feel free to ask me anything regarding my works and prints, I would be more than happy to reply all your inquiry regardless of the question. You can start by leaving a comment in this post.  ^__^


3 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Very cool that you’re from Labuan. I’ve been looking for other photographers to do like a photoshooting outing, but can’t track anyone down. Will you be interested in doing group outings?

    1. Hello Yvonne, actually there is a small community of photographer here in Labuan and although we dont really organize such ‘photoshooting’ session recently, we still hang out often during certain event.

      We are having a small photography exhibition at the Seasport Complex this coming week for Labuan Art Festival and do drop by and have a look. 🙂

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