As it has always been, New Year celebration is pretty much the same each year with the only difference is whether you gonna celebrate it alone or with a random bunch of people, plus the economy outlook in Malaysia means that the fireworks won’t be as grand as the previous years.

I am currently writing this during my exam week. There is only one paper left and the gap in between allow me to focus on other stuff such as my design for a Timber design competition and other miscellaneous pending task that I should had finished last year.

   If anyone wondering how I celebrate my New Year this time, it’s by being stuck in a UBER car for 1 hour and a half. We still manage to catch the firework though.

The 1 hour and half worth of wait just to watch the fireworks at Queensbay mall. 

   As for 2016, there has been a lot of realization and newly acquired responsibilities. I realized that if I were to be successful in the next few years, I need to change a lot in terms of my habit, sleeping late is certainly something that I want to reduce this year and so does keeping up with my fitness level. I also happen to be in relationship with a certain someone, which as sudden as it seems, was probably one of the best thing to happen in my life.

   Photography wise, I believe I did became a little bit mature in approaching a story. There was a time before where I think the highlight on my journey in photography is by being able to present my work to a huge crowd of people. It’s an egoistic dream of course but I believe I had pass that phase last year, photography has always been about the content and story but less on the photographer.

   And 2016 has also been a sad year for me as 2 of my main camera malfunction with the Ricoh GR suffer from the same lens mechanism error and the Sony a900 with its focusing motor problem. With my restricted student budget, I don’t think it is worth to get both of the camera repaired. So currently I am thinking of my future working setup and the camera will need to be well equipped than my Nikon D60. Some of the candidates are the Sony a600 and probably a Nikon D5500. Then again, maybe I just get a new lens instead or go fully analog with my Olympus OM-1.

As for some of my new year resolution;

  • Try to update my blog and instagram more.
  • Curate my online work properly.
  • Read more.
  • Be more considerate.
  • Sleep less in a good way.
That random photo outing with friends. 

   Eitherway, 2017 is the year where I will try to focus on the thing that are important to me the most. There has been time where I was distracted and somehow lose my sight on it. It should be another great year ahead with many stuff to explore and appreciate. Especially with my Rusa.

Onward to 2017.




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