For those who are close to me in real life, they already know that for the next few years, I will be based in Penang for my further study.


Some of the SMS that I received on the result of my University application.

After my 3 years stint as a Junior Designer in a small Architecture firm at Labuan, its finally the right time for me to part way with the company. My years at the office has been fun and far more valuable than I imagine before as I experience the real world construction industry especially in a small busy industrial island of Labuan. During my time with the company, I had manage to conceive a few large scale construction project by myself and that alone gave me a great insight which I am sure will be a help for me during my study. Nevertheless, at my age, I felt that there are still many thing that I could achieve. The decision to continue my study was a no brainer. I knew that with my result and experience, I could get into most University (which is true where I actually got an offer from 3 of Malaysia top university to continue my study). After reviewing all the choice that I have, I finally decided to continue my study at University Sains Malaysia, simply because of its ideal location/courses and the fact that there is an unlimited choice of food around Penang.

USM 07-1 re

Photography is not just about taking pretty pictures, its about preserving time and memory that will soon be forgotten by time. Shown here is some of the picture that I took and receive from other photographer.

As a Photographer and an aspiring Architect to be, this journey mark another chapter in my life. My main objective is of course to improve all the skill that I had and meeting new people. Despite being an Introvert, I actually enjoy meeting new people. Meeting new people allow me to share my idea and in exchange, gaining a few more knowledge on anything related.
Consistency is something that I try to achieve in both Photography and Architecture. After finishing a series on my father, I continue to work on the short edit for my photography project on the shorelines of Labuan.

USM 31-1 (7) re

My fellow classmate for the next few years.

For the time being, I am working on a blog that document my student life at the University. It’s not a photography project but more like an ongoing journal on the life of an Architecture student. I am not sure how long I could keep it up. Only time could tell.


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