MID 2015

Unlike last year, this year begins with a rather hectic schedule throughout the following month. A trip to Thailand for the Chiang Mai Photo Festival last February prove to be another worthy experience while managing my work and photography interest in the recent month has become a bit more manageable. If everything went well this year, I should be able to compile my recent work into a proper website by August.


The usual landscape sight that can be seen along my mother hometown. Taken during my recent visit back to my grandmother house.

I also have been thinking about the state of my hometown recently and the possibility to undergone on another project that highlight the stark and neglected landscape in the rural area of Sabah. With the rapid development throughout Malaysia, Sabah is in a rather odd position despite being the most resourceful state within the country. The young and eager graduates have less desire to contribute to the rural area with many preferring a more stylish urban lifestyle in other places which indirectly left many of the village with a community of elder people. It is a very well known issue throughout South East Asia and as cliche’ as it might seems, the project might prove beneficial for myself as a photographer and Architect wannabe in the future.  The opportunity to hear other people stories has always been an important lesson for myself in understanding other people culture and society.

Surely there is many other stuff that need to be done before August, 30 rolls of undeveloped film does sound daunting but hopefully the path will be a bit more clearer for the next few months.


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