A few month after the IPA Workshop, I am left with a lot of thought on my future in photography. A few years ago, I thought getting myself published in some photography magazine would be suffice to satisfy my hobby but as years goes, it seems that I am a seeking for a different objective in photography.

Truth to be told, I am not really clear with myself on what kind of photography that I wanted to achieve. This have lead me to explore street photography although my perspective on street photography is heavily influenced by Daido Moriyama and Severin Koller  Street photography is basically just one of my experiment in seeing my surrounding in another dimension and it is a nice departure from the usual trend that I usually do around the island.

With that being said, I believe that I am more interested in exploring in a certain genre of photography than to actually doing ‘street’ photography. So the next big question for me now is, WHAT’S NEXT?.

Most the feedback that I got over the year is the fact that I REALLY need to produce a good body of work which represent myself better than just showing up with a bunch of good picture. So here are the list that I would probably do before next year.

1) Built a freaking website for my photography work.

I have been shooting for more than 5 years now and I believe it’s probably the right time for me to sit down and compile the appropriate work that I have taken over the years. I always planned to make a website of my own but I simply don’t have the time to spend on learning some of the basic computer coding.

Website White 01

One of the design idea for my website from last year.

Somewhere before the end of the year, I will probably done preparing all the necessary picture that will be featured on the website. I have been struggling to find the appropriate server until someone introduce me to 4ormat (http://4ormat.com/) and after a week of free trial, I am convince on the fact that it is easy to customize the entire website layout plus the yearly plan seems reasonable as well.

The website would probably consist some of my ongoing project along with one of my completed photography series. I hope it would look ‘okay’ though.

2) Join more photography workshop.

I didn’t join any photography workshop before simply because the workshop was either to far away or it is simply to expensive. Usually both.


The impromtu photography talk with Rahman Roslan is eye opening for me.

I apply for the IPA Workshop Grant because a friend of mine suggest me to try my luck and it took me about an entire week to write the grant application letter. I wasn’t hoping for anything from it but I am being honest with myself when I was writing the application letter and I am really glad that I was chosen.


Kevin WY Lee with his Sony and classic IPA T-shirt. I should learn more from him in the future.

It was my first photography workshop and It was great as it expose me to a lot of new stuff plus the chance to meet with some of the world best photographer is simply amazing. The next photography workshop that I would join is probably any IPA organized workshop or some other photography workshop outside Malaysia but I should definitely join more.

3) Set some photography project.

One of the thing that I should really be focusing on in the next few years.


Photography debate and work is one of the most highly talk about on the coffee table during the IPA Workshop. 

Sometimes I have a certain thing that I wanted to capture but I never really manage to define it properly and usually it got stuck midway. This is going to change though and thanks to many other photographer that I have met over the year, it is finally the time that I become a bit more mature in photography and to start doing a personal work for myself.

The project might take more than a year though and hopefully it goes well.

4) Travel overseas?.

A friend of mine told me that I should stop buying photobook and use it for travelling instead. It make sense though and it is probably the right time to visit other foreign place other than Malaysia. But still, I believe there is a lot more to explore in my very own country but it should depend on the circumstances and of course, my bank account.


Travelling alone to other foreign places???.

Place that I am likely to visit is probably Singapore, Japan, Indonesia and Hong Kong. I wish to travel by myself and explore the places on my own pace but having a travelling companion might be a great idea but I don’t have any likely candidates anyway.

But I am looking forward to go this places as I have my own personal objective to visit each places.

Things might not be like what you were hopingfor but sometimes having a target in sight might just do the trick. Hopefully it will be another good year for me. 🙂


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