Some people update their blog on weekly basis but I don’t really have such time to spend on writing. Some people would probably realize that my English grammar sucks in which I believe one of the reason on why I don’t like to update my blog as often as I would like. But nevertheless, this year prove to be another interesting year although I have a lot to catch up with my Architecture study.


To cut it short, recently I got myself a workshop grant from IPA (Invisible Photographer Asia) for one of their Street Photography Workshop at Kuala Lumpur. It was a workshop that was organize in conjunction with the closing of KLPA Winner exhibition at Galeri Petronas, KLCC.

It was my very first photography workshop and the entire 3 days of intensive photography workshop has given a huge impact on my photography journey. The whole workshop program was good for amateur (or advance) photographer and one of the thing that I was really looking forward to was meeting new people. Like most people, once you met someone that you have admire (celebrity or some sort) for a long time, you will lose your word even when you are facing them face to face. I am talking about world class photographer here, someone who have themselves established on international photography scene.


I met Ian Teh, Rony Zakaria, Andri Tambunan, Kevin WY Lee, Eiffel Chong, Ox Lee, Che Ahmad and many other photographer, who is mainly from Asian region. I want to ask a lot of question but I didn’t want to be a bother to them, knowing that most of them have probably more than 10 years in experience. I am an introvert by the way and sadly I couldn’t really apply my approach on street photography into a normal ice-breaking session.



The first day was great and somehow a bit overwhelming for me. I didn’t expect to be expose to a variety of new things such as a certain philosophy, ethic, issue and debate especially on street photography (and journalism). Some of the stuff that I was taught is nothing new for me but I never really apply it properly to my work. Kevin WY Lee has been very patient with me although I was hoping to learn more from him in the future.



The other great thing that I experience during the workshop is the fact that I manage to meet a few people that I have been following through online community such as Flickr and facebook. I met Nick Wade, a British who happen to work in Kuala Lumpur for the past few years and he is also a keen street photographer. Check out his work on Flickr, Nick is one of the tallest guy in the workshop, so it’s easy to spot him.


The other great highlight is after the workshop session. They always hang out at a certain restaurant all the way until midnight. It was pretty obvious that all of them know each other quite well which make it more awkward for me to approach every photographer personally. I was lucky that Andri Tambunan was one of the friendliest and most approachable  of the whole bunch, and like the other photographer that I met, I have also been following Andri work ever since his photography project was featured on IPA website last year.

He taught me a lot of stuff on editing and approaching a personal project while relating all the stuff that he explain to his project on the HIV Victims at Papua, Indonesia. (Which is awesome and he is making a limited run photobook as well).

Check out Andri Tambunan work at –


Another thing that I am looking forward to is getting a comment or critique on my current work. I have a group of people back at my hometown who I can rely to for a critique but they will always be a bit biased on their review as they are very familiar with my work. I wanted to show my work to a group of professional people so I prepared a a few  prints in a file holder.

And then they told me that it is better to show them in small prints of 4R or 5R as they can lay it out on a table while they could arrange it at will. It is also easier for them to pinpoint a certain picture as they can simply pick it up instead of flipping through the clear holder. Another new stuff that I learn and I will certainly keep that in mind in the future.

They give out a honest comment on my work which I truly appreciate plus they have somehow help me in finding my own true sense of photography style. I have show my work to at least 5 different photographer during the session and each one of them have different comment on my work. I have a list of their comment on my work which I have noted down after I got back to the hotel room, I will post it up in this blog someday.


After the end of the 3 days workshop, I learn a lot and by a lot I mean a LOT!!!. My head was constantly filled with thoughts and information in which I find it a bit hard to digest properly into my memory (even after the next few days). The workshop have provide me a boost of confidence on my capabilities as a photographer and it will certainly help me in becoming a better photographer in the next few years.

A few things that I learn which is worth mentioning is the fact that editing is an essential process for every photographer;

If you cannot edit your own work, you basically are admitting that you are unsure of what you are doing as a photographer, because your vision, the story you want to tell, is not clear to you. Of course, editing is difficult; but it is a fundamental part of shooting, of storytelling, and you cannot responsibly disavow your obligation to perform this final stage of the act of creating imagery. It is, in a sense, the second decisive moment in the process.” – Jon Anderson (Andri keep on stressing this quote into my head.)


And this is the picture that was taken by me  which is edited and sequenced by Ox Lee for the IPA KL Street Photography workshop. Surprisingly, he manage to sequence my picture into something interesting, something that I have never really thought was good in the first place. He select the similarity that was obvious from the whole file that I took for the workshop which is more on the ‘close-up’ and ‘Intimacy’. I receive a few comment (which I will keep it for myself) for the selected picture which I will improve in the future and I will certainly need to thanks Che’ Ahmad for all his advice and encouragement.


I really want to thank Invisible Photographer Asia for giving me the opportunity to learn with some of Asia finest photographer and hopefully I could meet up with you guys again in the future. But for now, I have to focus more on getting myself a proper website.


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