A photobook signify a photographer final working product, an epic collection that consist a bodies of visual images taken by the photographer, sequenced to amplify the visual orgasm and enjoyment to the viewer.

Maybe I exaggerate some of the last few word but I hope you guys get the point, it was mean’t as a joke. However, the first sentence is true, as prints should signify the final product of a photographer work, regardless if it is printed for the newspaper or art collector. Photobook however, represent something much larger than a single printed image and sometimes it is something personal to the photographer themselves.

Some Photobook symbolize a Photographer perspective and visual theory in the contemporary world while some other simply trying to show the world on what the  have gone through. Every photographer have a different ideas on how a photobook should look like and that is why a photobook should be the final testament of a photographer work.


Recently, I was exposed to some of the work from Indonesia Photographer, namely Rony Zakaria and Edy Purnomo. It was a bit surprising since Indonesia Photographer is well known for their heavy manipulated image especially from the like of Rarindra Prakarsa. This however have changed my opinion over Indonesia photography community as it seems that they have somehow matured beyond what I would expect, especially when compared to the Malaysia Photography scene.


Edy Purnomo is no stranger within Indonesia photography community and I believe he is consider as a ‘legend’ in Indonesia. I manage to get one of his photobook which is surprisingly small considering that it consist a life long photography work of his (13 years). Despite the size, the content is truly stunning and share some similarity with the kind of work that is usually being published by National Geography.

If you interested in getting a copy, try contacting Pannafoto.org –  http://pannafotojournal.org/


I would say that the size of the book is interesting.


The size of a photobook depends on the photographer intention and usually it is decided base on the subject or project. A bigger size photobook is usually better as it allow the picture to be enjoyed better but such size will make it harder to bring around especially if you have a small camera bag. Size is important and I prefer a smaller size, somewhere within the size of an A4 paper. The small size make it easier to share the photobook to someone else.


PASSING, is like a small diary or journal of the photographer, something like his personal notes but in a form of picture. I find the title suits well with all the picture inside the book as it bring us to many part of the world, even Australia.


Again, the size of the photobook is small, and you can actually get the idea of the size of the book base on the film canister that I place beside it.

The book is a solid harcover with common type of matte paper that is found on most photobook so therefore, there is really nothing that is worth mentioning. The prints is good and nothing to be fault at. The images however is stunning and more on the picture later on. The book also provide some interview article between the photographer and the book designer, which is cool as it allow us to understand more on book designing process.

Despite the small size, the book is literally packed with stunning picture.


Nicely sequenced, and well thought. No complain.


The photographer work with a photo editor, Ahmad ‘deNy’ Salman, and they manage to produce a nicely sequenced image that doesn’t bored the viewer. They select only the best picture that works well on double spread and carefully choose the kind of picture that complement well with the next picture. Its easier to say than done.


As you can see, even in double spread, the image is nicely framed with the main point of interest is not lost between the book gutter (binding), this shows just how well thought the photo layout is.  The small size is just nice but surely a bigger size prints will enhance the viewing enjoyment.



I carry this small book along with my 5R size portfolio and it works as a reminder for me especially while I am waiting for someone. The small size doesn’t mean it would be a boring book but the satisfaction level is not that much when compare to the other photobook in my collection.

Do I recommend it? Of course I will. 🙂


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