How many camera is enough to enjoy photography?.

How many camera does a person need to really enjoy photography?.

This question is answered differently from person to person but most photographer would agree at some point that less is more. There is many different types of photographer throughout the world and their photography work is usually done with a single type of camera and most of them are probably Digital and an SLR camera. Honestly, I think a photographer should at least have one camera that they prefer the most over their entire collection.

Depends on the photographer, a street photographer tend to have less equipment in their collection while the most equipment that I have seen is usually from wedding photographer. The main concern for this question is not for those experienced and established photographer but towards those who are planning to get their first camera.

To enjoy photography, I believe, all you need is just a camera with a 35mm lens and I suppose it to be the one that suits the photographer demand at that moment to allow them to realize what is it that they wanted to capture or create. A photographer shouldn’t be restricted with their equipment and also by their imagination.


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