A fashion trend, a natural camouflage pattern, an obvious sign of contrast.

‘STRIPE’ can be interpreted into a variety of different occasion but I find it interesting to find it in my everyday life. This series is interesting for me because I have been using the Sony a900 with the 50mm lens to capture the image.

Somewhere around the Labuan Surrender point. The shadow was cast from the nearby tree.

SONY DSCStaircase of my former highschool. The morning light was great though.

SONY DSC Morning breakfast and I usually use the glass for Nescafe though.

SONY DSCAnother tree within the town area.


2 thoughts on ““STRIPE”

  1. great collection bro. I’ve been following your works ever since a friend introduced your works to me.

    Admire them, and i wish to see your exhibition of your photos myself in the future.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for the kind word and support. WordPress is something where I put some of my random picture and it doesnt represent my true work. Hopefully I could have a proper website in the future. Cheers. šŸ™‚

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