Throughout the year, I have been inspired by the work of many photographer but only a few of them that manage to define what I stand for when it comes to photography. My interest in black and white imagery came when I bought a copy of Henri Cartier Bresson biography and from there, I start to understand how he place himself as a photographer and observer of his surrounding world. A few month later, I stumble upon the work of Severin Koller which I got to know from a random link and I have been following his work ever since. What I can relate with this two photographer is that they share a similar interest towards their surrounding and they carefully compose and captured it, a slice of life within a split second of what captured by their camera.

So what does this two photographer have to do with Shinya Arimoto?.

If someone have been following either of their work, there is a similarity between them where they prefer to work on a black and white film instead of a color film. Some might call this as an artistic approach but I believe a black and white image work well with what they wanted to convey through their photograph. They capture something that you probably ignore as you go through your daily life and they manage to do so through their curiosity and interest of their surrounding.

Shinya Arimoto is one of the few Japanese photographer that I admire and I got to know his work through a website called Tokyocamerastyle.

If I have to describe the work of Shinya Arimoto, it would be dark, honest and pure depiction or rendition of his subject. His portraiture work shows the honest side of the Japanese and even though most of it was taken on the street, his subject is calm enough to trust the photographer to take a picture. Imagine a stranger taking a picture of you, but this is certainly not a problem to Shinya Arimoto.

About his Ariphoto collection, this is something that is printed by the Photographer himself and it seems he compile it to his best and fovourite work and all of it on an Ilford fibre paper. Currently it is in 2nd volume and I am lucky enough to have it signed by the photographer. The book is thin and simple and contain only the best work of Shinya Arimoto from that year. The book layout is simple and cleanly design with less use of unnecessary quote and it is relatively easy to be appreciated regardless of age or interest.

As a photographer who is a bit picky when it comes to the final print, I can’t find any fault about their printing and even the choice of paper is suitable for his work with less reflection and stunning shadow detail which clearly show the quality of the camera used, which from what I read, taken using a Rolleiflex TLR.

I truly recommend a copy of his photobook as not only that the photography content is amazing, the photobook is very affordable to most people which is only about 2000 yen for two volume of Ariphoto. I believe everyone would appreciate his work and for those who are planning to get one, each of the volume is only limited to 500 prints worldwide.

Here is a link to Shinya Arimoto Website –


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