Street Shooting : Labuan during weekend.

Some of my friend ask me how F.T Labuan is and how does it look like when compare to the other states within Malaysia, and most of the time my respond is that it is pretty much the same with the other States. Malaysia is probably the only country in the World where people could freely practice their religion and yet live harmoniously with each other. The majority of Malaysian is a Malay Muslim while the country is share with other different races and religion such as Christianity and Buddhism. The percentage is pretty much the same throughout each states and here I believe that Labuan is the same as well.

The only difference that someone would notice is the culture, accent and probably the Architecture since most of the building in Labuan is rather new as the Island was bombarded by the Japanese during the World War II. It is also worth mentioning that Labuan Island play a significant roles during the World War II against the Japanese.

With most of the thought still lingering in my head, I decided to bring my camera out to the street and take some picture while testing my ‘Soon to be’ lens. The camera that I will be using is of course my Nikon D60 but instead of the small kit lens, I use the 18-105 Nikkor, more commonly known as the Nikon D90 kit lens.

So here is some of the picture while shooting around the street of Labuan;

The first interesting picture to shoot was this lady, who are so concentrated on finishing her work, she basically ignored me.

After taking the first few shoot, I notice this cat, which were sleeping at that time but soon awake after being alerted by the sound of my camera shutter.

The aunties were happy with me taking their picture but missed a moment where she actually smiled to the camera.

And yet I find another one, which look as if the Cat was cut in half.

A fishing boat, its a common sight near the Fish Market. I wish I could ride on one and take a picture of it from the boat deck.

I was shooting some kid kicking a plastic bottle but they noticed me and got ‘camera shy’. This picture was taken the moment after I turn around and notice them leaving the store.

The uncle notice me carrying a camera and soon he wave at me and greet me in the most common way possible, “Hello!!”. He was very nice and judging from his face, I guess something good happen that day.

The woman in this picture was teasing the guy on the previous picture and I was chatting with them until I notice how well the lighting and the background is. She noticed that I was trying to take a picture of her and hesitate for a while before she finally relaxed and letting me take the picture.

I was on my way back to my motorcycle and I decided to walk around the street area near my office. I saw this guy posing with the pole and as I get closer, I manage to snap a couple of frame before I was stopped by his friend. Nothing serious, they were just asking me to post this picture on some magazine.


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