A rather Impromptu Outing in front of the UMS.

The day goes on as usual; nothing special. Facing the computer desktop for an hour is really tiring, that is until I notice my friend facebook status where he plan to sale his 18-105mm Nikkor. My current lens is not ‘okay’ to most people standard but I need to change it because the lens condition is getting horrible, not to mention that the lens is infested with fungus.

After I done with my work, I decided to join him on a photography outing at the beach near the Universiti Malaysia Sabah since he insist that he would let me try the lens before deciding to buy it. The lens was awesome, no complain at all but this is because I compare it with my current crappy lens. Hence, the biased opinion.

Here is a picture of an enthusiastic photographer, I don’t know what kind of picture that he is taking but at least he gave a very good picture for me.

I snap this while I was walking along the beach from the parking lot, I should revisit this place with a Flashgun.

Overall, meeting with my friend is a pure photography poisoning session where he let me try a wireless trigger which can take bulb exposure and even a fader filter where we could change the light stop at our own will. This picture was taken with an exposure of 2 minutes If I was not mistaken.


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