Lok Kawi Zoo – Revisit

The last time I visit a Zoo is 2 years ago and at that time I don’t really use my camera that much considering that I am more interested on the animal instead of taking a picture of it. So this time, I will not let go any chances although working with the kit lens is not exactly ideal for Animal Photography but somehow I think a wider point of view would really show the animal living space.

Here are the following picture, there is a picture of tiger, eagle and even some elephant but it doesn’t come out as I expected but nevertheless, this are the selected picture for this series;

A parrot, but the name is not exactly a Parrot and its not even in the same family as the one I use to see on the movie.

The best picture that I could snap which shows the animal is in captivity, took me sometimes to get this one but I am not satisfied with the entire image.

This suppose to be an easy picture but the overall picture quality is not as expected, I should really get myself a new camera.

Its amazing how human like Proboscis monkey. Its tough to get the focus right when the monkey is on the other side of the glass wall.


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