Sabak Bernam – Campus Policing 2012

There was this event that I was notified a day after we finish submitting our design final project, its somehow related to a goverment event, so to speak and only to know about the detail a few hour before the event started. I woke up that morning realizing that I heard the sound of a horse galloping on the road pavement, which is weird by that time since there is no horse being kept around my Campus compound whatsoever.

I realize that this is a very big event when a group of local reporters from different newspaper and news channel swarm the area in front of the Hotel and Catering department; with a hundred of Police official as well. The event was call Campus Policing Sabak Bernam 2012, its an event with aim to create awareness regarding public safety to the student and people around Sabak Bernam. There is a lot of stuff being showcase there and among them is the Police Horse Riding Unit, Paragliding and also the Police Bomb Squad which brought their 1 Million ringgit machine to the campus ground.

The event was held at the parking lot of Politeknik Sultan Idris Shah and it has been attracting lots of crowd from the neighboring village and here are the series of the picture taken by me for part of the event.

Part of the crowd who were there to watch the Paragliding and Horse riding demonstration.

The crowd even bring their family to the event, a very interesting stuff is being exhibited during the entire event.

A group of Police squad taking a rest before doing their Horse riding demonstration.

Paragliding demonstration was a hit and the noise attracting a huge crowd especially from the nearby Village.

Some of the nicest shot that I got at for that day, I was sleepy and tired during the entire day considering that we just finished submitting one of our design project.

They were preparing for a demonstration. The visitor are allowed to touch the horse though with constant monitoring from the horse caretaker.

A portrait of one of the horse, I prefer the black and white version of this picture.

I was stunned by the speed of the horse when they are galloping through the field, my camera got trouble in locking its focus but its probably because of my shutter speed is to slow.


2 thoughts on “Sabak Bernam – Campus Policing 2012

  1. I love the shot of the 4 ladies some looking some not with the glider in the sky. This is such a great and unique candid shot. More like that! lol

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