My try with a Seagull TLR | Part 1

I have been using a TLR for while last year and it is an old Seagull TLR which I loaned from a friend of mine. My opinion on the camera in short is simply a delighting experience, apart from trouble when loading in a fresh film.

This is the camera that I use for the next series of picture. –

There is a little dust on the negative during the scanning process. The Russian camera on this picture belong to a friend of mine and its mint and freaking heavy.

This is what we were shooting for that day, there is more on this series but I decided to show only part of it.

The actual model of the day, sadly there was some developing chemical bleed through the emulsion but at least it create a nice looking border.

Another TLR, this one is a Yashica Mat. I find that the focusing is much harder on the Yashica compare to the Seagull TLR that I am using but its probably because of the viewfinder.

My try using the TLR for street shooting. A good experience though but need some time to get used to the focusing but a big plus is that people don’t seem to bother with me using the camera to take their picture.

Street shooting is fun but using a TLR camera which use a 120 sized film format means that you will often find yourself changing film, which takes time, 12 frame per roll is not enough for street shooting. The picture was taken near Petaling street though.

My Nikon D60 was sent to the Service center to have its shutter unit replaced so I have to use the TLR most of the time. The camera has been fantastic though and I don’t mind using it for holiday.

Getting the angle within the frame was not difficult though and I am impress with the Tri-X for this picture, the highlight detail is amazing and the film structure is fantastic as well.

Those was a series from my recent collection, there is more picture from the TLR but I share it when I got the time to do so, other than that, enjoy. 🙂


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