Its a fact that there is more people around the city area during school holiday than any other day. Its by far more convenient to travel around especially for those who have family. Its been more than 3 weeks since the day I return back to my home and finally I could visit my hometown area. The sea breeze along the coastline, huge hill across the land, and not to mention those narrow road along the way, I really miss it and its refreshing compare to the peninsular Malaysia. This time its a bit exciting and obviously I am looking forward on attending my cousin wedding but this blog is more about my photography journey therefore I am going to skip this.

One of the thing that I look forward to was visiting one of the Photography Exhibition which is organized by a Photography club called Photography Community at ProArt Gallery. The exhibition theme is “All About Passion” and the selected picture was beautiful and clearly show each of the photographer interest and approach in Photography. My only comment for the exhibition is that the arrangement is a bit sloppy and could be better in some other way but overall its an interesting exhibition worth visiting. The gallery is located at the first floor of 1Borneo and could be easily find by asking people around.

Another reason for me to visit the gallery is to pick up my 5R size print from ProArt printing service; not only they provide space for exhibition but they also provide a professional printing and consulting services mainly for photography reproduction. This is my prints though, and as usual, it look so damn fine. Worth every penny.

This is Su Chung, the Master printer for ProArt. The new gallery seems to have more interesting air conditioning duct system which make it look more industrial than the old gallery.

Luckily, I finally happen to meet a photographer who I wanted to meet since the last time I visited his exhibition last year and he happen to sale his Ricoh GRD III which I notice when he posted it on his facebook wall. Ryan is an excellent photographer and happen to own a camera store called PIXEL at the concourse floor level of 1Borneo supermarket.(RICOH GRDIII is on the right side while the other camera is Olympus mJu II)

Of course, he was kind enough to let me try the GRD III for a while but I couldn’t try it any longer than an hour because I happen to bring my cousin along. My first impression with the GRD III is that it felt really SOLID, the built quality is so good, it makes my Nikon D60 felt cheap. The handling is amazing and the control is really easy but it takes time for me to recognize some of the button setting but nevertheless, my opinion on a camera is not base on a scientific experiment but more to a practical approach of taking the kind of picture that I wanted and here it is, a 25 minute around a shopping complex with a Ricoh GRD III, complete with an external viewfinder.

A self portrait of me while using the camera, looks stealthy enough for me. 😛

She is interested at the promotion discount.

The camera autofocus is fast enough for this kind of shot. The only drawback is probably the 28mm lens which is probably to wide for some people, but 28mm is my favourite POV.

I should take picture inside a Shopping complex more often, its interesting.

They were watching a traditional dance performance up at the stage.

This was taken using the ‘snap’ mode of the Ricoh GRD III, a fast picture taking method that snap a picture at a predetermined focusing distance. The depth of field is stunning though.

Another thing that I notice about the GRD III is the color reproduction and white balance, the color look natural which I believe some would call it dull while the white balance is accurate even under artificial lighting. I can say that it is better than my Nikon D60.

The dynamic range is limited if it is compared to most DSLR but this is by far one of the best file I have which is taken by a compact camera with 1/1.7 size sensor.

All the picture taken here were mostly slightly adjusted in Adobe Camera RAW but mostly to reduce the noise and increasing the sharpness. The camera responded well for my kind of photography and I really enjoy using it. The viewfinder is cool as well but I can’t really give an accurate conclusion on this camera.

For those who are looking for compact camera capable of capturing fast and high quality picture, the Ricoh GRD III might be the ideal camera. I will really going to buy myself this camera, should do well for street photography around Malaysia. 🙂


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