I am a fan of film camera, its the process and medium that is interesting in my opinion which why I have been looking for a small compact film camera to use on day to day basis. Among the list is the expensive and rare Ricoh GR series and all the way to the retro Olympus Trip 35. Tried some of it but I don’t have that much budget to acquire one, it seems that I am better off with a nice book on Architecture rather than one of those expensive compact film camera and plus, film developing is a bit hard to do considering some of the chemical is expensive and is very hard to find. Hence, I have been craving for a cheap bargain compact film camera and when I saw one, I try not to let it go.

Olympus mju II is rather famous and it is one of Olympus best selling camera which share some similar feature and design from the classic Olympus XA. What makes this camera one of the best budget quality compact camera is because of the lens and probably, the cute small design. It came in two color which is black and champagne gold, mine here is a champagne gold. The lens is a 35mm f/2.8 which is perfect for the type of picture I am interested in, which is street and landscape. Personally, I never tried this camera and from what other people say on the internet, its a good camera.

I am going to test the camera by street shooting here around Labuan. But first thing first, download the manual from the internet. The camera have only like 4 button at the back compare to 14 on my Nikon D60, this should be interesting.

Some review will be done after I finish at least 5 rolls on the camera. 😀


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