I have always planned to take another picture of a Superbike so I ask one of my friend whether he have any friend who are willing to spend some time as a model for a quick photography session. Luckily, he does and based on his facebook profile, he is really a hardcore biker, proudly riding a Yamaha R6.

The session suppose to start at 4pm in the evening but they were there 15 minute earlier so I have to be quick. The session start as soon as I grab my friend Nikon D90 which I happen to use for all of the picture here in this post (unless stated otherwise). After a few minute, I started to realize that there should be a clear communication between the photographer and the model especially when it involves a pure racing machine capable of 200mph.

Here are some of the processed picture from the session;

I didn’t count the total try that we made before getting our setting right, I decided to use the flash afterward as the weather is constantly changing. Some editing were added to enhance the motion blur, especially for the first one.

Later, some cool guy with a huge (and loud) bike came. It seems that it was one of their friends.

Later we tried the same setting on some other bike and this time its a Honda CBR. Can’t get a good shot from this one because the session was rather short.

This was the setting used for most of the panning picture. A flashgun was triggered wirelessly from a distance.

More of them seems to come and its became awkward for me when I realize that I seem to be the youngest in the group (and the only one using a 135cc motorcyle). This guy is going to test run the motorcycle, which they claim is difficult to handle especially during a U-Turn.

I notice that the lighting was great and I told them that this would make a nice picture. To make it easier and less tiring, I ask them to pose with their motorcycle, park nicely like those seen in most magazine.

Here are some of the result;

Honda Vulcan

Customized Virago

The Yamaha R6

Anyway, its been a good oppurtunity. I learn something new and one of the important thing is to get a good camera. I doubt that my Nikon D60 were able to capture the fast moving object in one snap. Anyway, here’s a Black and white picture of the Virago.


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