Its been almost 4 years since I leave my high school and continuing my study in Architecture. Visiting again right after I graduated really feel nostalgic and make me realize how fast time have pass by. I am currenty 20 years old, halfway to become 21 by this coming december, and studying Architecture have taught me something which I usually ignore during my years in highschool, which is discipline and time management.

There used to be a large tree over there, which is about 3 storey tall, now its just an open space for any school activity.

A closer view of the teacher and students playing ping-pong.

This is the corridor which I used to use to escape from class, its the easiest way to get to the toilet and also to the teachers office.

Common activity during recess, this was taken after to school ends though.

Some of the student were actually aware that I was taking a picture, I guess, even a youngster are self aware of their surrounding.

One of the curious student, most of them ran away whenever I pointed my camera at them.

At first, it look like some gangster hideout with a banner, but nope, the words written on it says it all. 😛

This kid was screaming something to his friend downstair and deliberately pulling out a note book from his bag, I don’t what he was going to do, but his friends are laughing at him after they notice me taking his picture.

One of the thing that my school is rather famous of is not because of its Athletic team or their achievement in grades but more to their ability to produce a good traditional Malaysia dancer and surprisingly they have been making progress each year. They have been often invited to perform in various event and even during a wedding ceremony.

This was taken at the front gate, I thought this was a great moment, girls staring at some other guy, while a group of student were chatting on something. Miss those moment during my time.

Comment and critique are welcome. 🙂


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