Its been a busy month for me since New Year and I have been focusing to much on my study as well.

I finally graduated from my study although I do plan to continue my Degree study, in the mean time, it is best to focus on something that I enjoy the most, which is Photography. After 2 days of rest with some catching up to do in the world of internet, I finally manage to take some picture and this time a visit to Kampung Patau-Patau.

I don’t think I have mention this place before in this blog but knowing that the place is a water village, you don’t really need to think more than that. The people were nice and very friendly, as long as you don’t try to look suspicious. In fact, I just found out that there were actually two village with one of it using old wooden bridge to connect with each other while the other larger village is connected through a Reinforced concrete bridge.

Here is a series of it, the first series was taken at the smaller and rather worn out water village of Patau-Patau;

If anyone have been following my work, you guys might recognize this spot.

The wooden bridge is quiet dangerous and yet, the people there have been living through it everyday.

Cat, somehow the cat doesn’t sound so well…

Behind the scene, Fahmi taking aim with his Nikon…

First picture taken after we got to the other Water Village at Patau-patau, the scene is funny though because I wanted to take their picture passing through our side but their deliberately try to avoid our camera line of sight. 😛

One of the local that I manage to speak with, I was asking on what he was looking down the bridge, it seems he was looking on something that he recently fix. – Hipshots.

And I was thirsty so I ask the uncle whether there is some small convenient store around there. Turns out he do sale some stuff and he even sales Coca Cola. Taken after I buy the Cola. 😀

Compare to the previous water village, this one is more lively. Probably due to the better water bridge. 😀

Saw something that could make a picture, but I missed it because I was a bit to far from it. 😛

WOW?, yesh, absolutely. This kid got swag that he ride a freaking Harley Davidson around the town. Actually, I was a bit jealous of this kid. He got a very fantastic childhood. 😀

One of the kids around the area…

The kids were cool with it, its just awesome. 😀

The gang, wish I could print this picture nicely and give it to them. 😀

Cats, they are everywhere. 😛

Hipshot – Never got a really good result from it. 😛

Finally, a bit of Nescafe Ais and Teh Tarik after more than an hour session at the water village. More to come on the next post. 🙂

Comment and Critique are welcome.


One thought on “Kampung Patau-Patau revisit

  1. nice pictures you got there.. and i’m from kg patau2 no.1.. thnks for write something nice about my village 😀

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