Malacca – The Submarine Museum

I have been to Malacca a bit earlier than the rest of my friend, simply because I wanted to record some of the necessary video and picture for the multimedia team before we start measuring the whole Kampung Kling Mosque. Luckily, my lecturer happen to be in town during my visit and along with two of my friend, we decided to check on the latest Submarine Museum which is recently open to the public. The Submarine Museum also happen to be our final year project for our Design Studio which is good considering that we could get our first idea on how the existing site would be.

I have seen the Submarine Museum from the recent newspaper but I didn’t expect the site to be that big or worst; appear as if a Nuclear Bomb have recently explode on that area. The journey took us about 15 minute from the main city and since it was weekend, the traffic condition is pretty bad in my opinion. Here are some of the picture;

The entrance, pretty pathetic in my opinion but despite all that, the number of visitor coming at that time with their family is unexpectedly high.

Some of the visitor reading the description on the Submarine design and History. A very good information for us since we are going to design a Maritime Museum on the exact site for our final project.

The Submarine, Agosta 70, which was use by the Malaysian Navy as a practice submarine. It was unexpectedly BIG, I wonder how big the Russian Typhoon submarine is compare to this one.

A friend of mine with the floating mosque on a background, we decided to stop here since they are going to do their prayers before going back to Bandar Melaka.

My best effort, the light was great but it is to low for me to go handheld. I sure wish I have a tripod at that time but maybe some other time.

Anyway, a friend of mine recently told me that sometimes seeing to much of my work in Black and White is boring so I decided to try Color picture on time to time. Color is picture is usually good looking but its to distracting sometimes especially when I want to show or highlight the real subject.


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