Terengganu at Night

Architecture student is basically a Nocturnal kind of people. They tend to sleep during the day, and only to remain active at night, completing pending assignment and ongoing project. So when Architecture students conduct a trip to somewhere interesting just for the sake of ‘research’. Night activity will consist of midnight stroll around the near empty town, hanging out at the mamak store, watching movies, or for some, night street photography.

That is the idea, night street photography. But little did I realize that my camera have a very poor noise control quality and any picture taken higher than ISO 400 could turn out to be unusable for me. But I don’t really care about it anyway, and here are some of the picture taken with my Nikon D60;

I kinda like how the light illuminate the big tree, wish I could ramp up the ISO a bit more.

A friend of mine waiting for some us in front of 7Eleven. We didn’t have much of an activity that night other than having a nice dinner at Dataran Shahbandar.

A quirky way of taking picture of someone, there is another frame which is good but it was ruin when my friend block half of the frame with her hand.

Smoking near the ocean is really relaxing for some people, and here is my friend doing exactly that…

Taken during our walk to Pasar Payang, I wanted to wait for a better picture of this but the traffic is really busy. Somehow it look familiar with some Street Racing game that I have been playing…

Strolling at Night around Terengganu is rather safe in my opinion, but like in any other place, you still need to be careful. One of the thing that I notice is the lack of Night Club or Karaoke place, so party goers is really going to be disappointed with Terengganu. There is a lot of people staying up at night around the town area which could be interesting for photographer with a Nikon D3s equipped with 35mm f/1.4 lens… 😀

There is more to my trip at Terengganu, I will try to share it as soon as possible. Somewhere this week, one of my Junior ask me to teach him to take better picture like me (I do not consider myself a good photographer though) but the secret to take better picture is really by just taking a lot of picture. Passion and creativity, thats all matter. 😀


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