Terengganu – Another Case Study Trip

We have been doing a bit to much case study trip this semester and although it is fun to experience new place by learning some of its history and culture, it’s tiring knowing that you going to prepare a presentation slide and board to present in front of the lecturer after you finish your trip. That stuff aside, I finally be able to visit the East Coast of Malaysia this year and it really is a great experience.

To start the trip, our group gather at Putra Bus Station near KL Central and this is my first time riding a double decker bus. 😀

Here are some of the following picture;

I waited for him to look directly at my camera and this is it, the bus station is poorly lit causing the shutter speed to fall a bit to slow for my liking.

A friend of mine, we are moving in a group of 10, so it was a fun trip but more on that in later post.

The bus driver of the Double Decker Bus that I am taking, he is not keen on me taking his picture but he is really talkative when I was talking about Terengganu with him.

I snap a picture of them while we were stopping by at RnR Chendor. Snap another picture of them playing which is kinda cute, reminds me when I was little.

First picture taken after we arrive at Terengganu Bus Station, the light was great and I thought I could shoot a bit more but sitting inside the bus for about 8 hours is really tiring.

My first impression of the people in Terengganu, very kind and friendly, especially older people. I was talking with her for a while since she thought that I was working for TV3 when I take her picture but my only excuse is that “I am a student…”.

I got a deep respect to people who appreciate old design. As much as I love the design of the volkswagen, I still love the design of the old Mini Cooper.

A cat that I found while we were searching for our hotel. Cat is a very curious animal, which makes taking their picture easier.

Another under construction building around my hotel area. Our hotel is just next to this building. 😀 More on Terengganu on my next post.


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