A week in Malacca 02

So I have been spending a week here and one of the thing that irritate me sometimes is that I don’t have much time to take a picture around the street of Malacca, but after we finished measuring the mosque for the last day, I decided to stroll around before going back to hotel, it took me about 35 minute to take some picture on my way to the hotel and here are some of it.

A taxi driver who are waiting for a customer at the junction of the jonker street, took me about 5 minutes to get this picture without him noticing me. Should wait a bit longer for him to look at the camera for some eye contact picture.

The light was really great on this one and I notice that there was some guy riding a bicycle but after some trial and error, I caught a picture of this old guy wearing his helmet wrong. But he manage to turn into the corner pretty well consider on how the helmet block his vision.

Some of the stall near the replica of a Portuguese ship is closed after 6pm, and this is probably one of the owner. She notice me taking her picture but all you need is just a smile and pretend that you are a tourist. 😀

This is the ‘Menara Taming Sari’, one of Malaysia first rotating observation tower which gives you a 360 view of Malacca. I should have wait for a couple of minute until the observation deck started moving, but I was so hungry.


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