Portraiture Project – “MUKA”

A part of my 2012 project would be capturing a portrait picture of those who are closest to me and to begin with the project, they would be my friend during my final year in Architecture Study. What make this special is that they were not taken in a studio but rather impromptu as I try to capture the person itself within our surrounding.


Adika – Architecture Student, 9gag fan, a good friend.

The camera used might vary according to certain circumstances but I am sure most of the picture would be taken using my trusty Nikon D60. The project would probably be finish by the end of 2012 and the entire project would be printed on 12×12 Fine art paper which is then given to the people who contribute for the project.

I love meeting new people and there would probably be some picture of the people that I recently met. Wish me luck. 😀



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