Every new year, people start to look back at what  they have done during the entire year after promising themselves on their New Year Resolution. My 2011 resolution is simple but I am proud to say that I manage to reach my target for 2011, which include balancing my Architecture Study with my Photography Interest and getting a step ahead over my photography achievement in 2010.

Taken during sunrise on the 2/1/2012 from my dormitory room.

Its funny how 1 year happen to pass so quickly without realizing that we have been through much throughout the year. The world have seen the fall of some of the world most influence dictator along with the lost of life during the recent Japan Earthquake and massive flood in Thailand.

So, my 2012 resolution will be;

  1. Being more consistent in whatever I do, be it in Architecture Design or Photography.
  2. Being a new owner to of a Canon 5D MkII, or a Ricoh GRD IV.
  3. Compile my own portfolio for Architecture and Photography. (Website, prints, etc)

Hopefully, all goes well. Happy New Year 2012 people.


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