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The series of picture showcase here is taken at Ipoh Central Market a day before the first day of Raya for 2011, or to be more precise, the first day of Syawal according to the Muslim Calender. For those who celebrate Hari Raya, they must have understand the final rush of a day before Raya since they have to prepare all the food for the quest and also decoration for the entire house. But one thing that most people didn’t realize is that other people who are not celebrating is also working hard in order to keep a constant supply to the customer.

That guy have been standing there for a while, looking at the street down below.

This uncle sells some eggs and salted eggs, he was keen on his picture being taken. Next time I visit Ipoh, I am sure going to give him a print of this picture. 🙂

This Aunty is also keen with her picture being taken, like the Uncle, she also sales Egg and Salted Egg.

For those who are wondering, this is actually an opened egg kept inside a plastic bag. According to an Uncle, the plastic bag will be send to a Kaya Processing factory, which is convenient since you don’t have to crack the egg manually.

She is a bit shy though, but me and my friend insist on taking a picture of her and then she smile for the camera. 🙂

A very long line of people wanting to buy coconut milk. If i was not mistaken, the old lady is waiting for her daughter.

One of the brightest area within the whole market. 😀

She didn’t realize that I was taking a picture of her before, but his one seems better with the eye contact.

Flowers, the light was not that good but just to let you guys know, the flowers color is yellow.

A Ketupat, its actually a woven palm leaf in a triangular form filled with rice which is later boiled together.

A hip shot with the Nikon D60 and kit lens. No Crop.

He thought that I was taking his picture for a TV Station, and so does everyone around there. 😀

Sacrifices that has been made for that day…

A car was blocking his way out, which the Uncle complain to us, he is actually a nice guy. xD



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