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There was a day that I really looking forward to have some fun with my friend especially if its something related to photography. But its not like my usual photography outing, instead, a friend bring me around Labuan with his car instead of me riding my own motorcycle. At least it keep me and my equipment from getting wet if the weather turns out to be rainy.

So, after we picked everyone up, we decided to visit one of my favorite spot for portraiture session where it look as if it was taken at some foreign country. The location  is certainly epic for some, especially for those who haven’t explore every part of the Island.

So this is the whole gang, well, almost as another one of my friend is behind me taking picture of them as well. The sun and sky was great, so does the lighting.

So, since there are 2 ‘Photographer’ plus 4 willing ‘Models’ in a such Epic location, the Photography Session has begun!!!. (My eyes was partially blinded by the sunlight during the entire session)

This is one of my friend, Hanizam, a candid version if I was not mistaken.

She look like one of my friend at first glance but after knowing her a bit, she is actually one of my junior from High School. Such a Small world and she just finished her PMR this year.

And this is one of the youngest model of the day, his name is easily mistaken for ‘cereal’ but don’t let that name fooled you, this kid beat me in 10 Pin Bowling recently.

Since I do mention that there is another photographer in the group, this is him, the owner of a D700 and a future Hassleblad user (In the next 15 years xD).

And this is a picture of our Driver for the day, and also a future owner of a Leica M9-P (Next year  xD), currently using a Nikon DSLR.

And this is me, a self portrait will suffice for this post. And I am using a Nikon D60 with kit lens though.

After spending about more than an hour on the location we decide to do some visiting first before sending all of them back home. This was taken in McDonald at Labuan Airport.

I don’t know who take this picture though, but we do spend a long time there.

For your information, that day happen to be where the moon is experiencing a natural phenomena called Lunar Eclipse. Naturally, everyone with a camera will be excited over this, but, what the fuck could a kit lens could do trying to capture something that is hundred thousand kilometer away from earth surface?.

So instead, we visit the nearby bridge at Tanjung Aru, watching the Moon being turned into a ghostly red moon. I am sure some werewolf are happy with this. 😛

The entire sea is lighted by the moonlight, which is cool as I rarely able to see the ocean being rendered under such light.

And finally, our last activity was doing this light trail of my friend alias. Mr X.



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