One of the most common means of transportation from Labuan to the mainland Sabah is through a Ferry. There is still other method of transportation available such as a Passenger Speedboat and Aeroplane, but people prefer using the ferry as it is cheaper and they allow you to carry as many thing that you can carry. The ferry also have space for vehicle as well, such as SUV, MPV and even the heavy 5 ton lorries.

So for the people of Labuan who are used to getting into the ferry to get to Menumbok, this kind of scene is really familiar;

The passenger overlooking the morning view of the Labuan Harbour.

Just another passenger passing by.

Curious onlooker, probably wondering why I am taking his picture.

The top deck of the Ferry.

Just a kid that was standing beside me and my little brother.

This kid is really happy playing with her friend on the top deck, despite the blazing sun.

I thought he looks cool with the MP3 player, but I think this would look better if I set my lens focal length to 35mm instead of 28mm.

Overlooking the sea on the top deck, this was taken when I was going up to the top deck.



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